Our Mission:

Giving Hope to the Hopeless, through Care, Love and Encouragement.


Our Vision:

Raising a Happy Generation, Changing lives and Affecting Humanity through the word of God.



Here at Blissful Int’l Gospel Centre, values remain the same, these are: Biblical Truth, Worship, Relationship, Care, Love and lots more, because God’s standard never changed.


These values are taken very seriously. We attempt to make all our decision based on these, believing in them wholeheartedly:

  1. Biblical Truth: We teach the Bible in truth and honesty.
  • Praise & Worship: We Praise and Worship God, because He always inhabits our Praises, according to Psalm 22:3
  • Relationship: We build authentic relationship with people we also show care and love. We encourage genuine relationship with each other in order to build and win each other in faith.
  • Care: Except we care, the people perish. Care is taken seriously amongst us as a people and as a church.
  • Love: Love is fundamental in our meeting, it is the most important of all, for without love there is no hope and future for the Saved and the Unsaved. We believe in the power of love, because love conquers all, according to 1 Cor 13:13. However, 1John 4:8 says: God is Love.